UNESCO Global Geoparks Contribute to the Sustainable Development of  Local Economy


Session Topics
  • Empowering local socio-econmic sustainable development
  • Communicating geopark, geosite and geotourism
  • Popularizing scientific knowledge for public education
  • Promoting aspiring global geoparks
  • Networking karst landscape global geoparks


Organization Committee


Sang Weiliang ( Mayor of Bijie Municipal Government)

Deputy Director:

Jiang Congyue (Deputy Mayor of Bijie Municipal Government)

Xiao Caizhong ( Deputy Director-general of Provincial Department of  Land and Resources of Guizhou )


Gao Yuping (Director of Geo-Environmetal Division of Guizhou Provincial Department of Land and Resources)

Wang Hongmei (The Deputy Director of Geo- Environmental Division of Guizhou Provincial Deaprtment of  Land and Resources)

Huang Jiazhong (Secretary-general of Bijie Municipal Government  )

Tang Xiaohui (Deputy Secretary-general of Bijie Municipal Government)

Guo Kai (Deputy Secretary-general of Bijie Municipal Government)

Zheng Rong (Minister of the Publicity Department of Bijie)

Li Li (The Deputy Minister of the Publicity Department of the Government of Bijie )

Fang Xiang (The Captain of Traffic Police Detachment in Bijie)

Wang Xiaoling (The Bureau of Land and Resources of Bijie)

Tang Chunming (The Director of the Office of Local Disaster for  Land and Resources of Bijie)

Pan Fayong ( The Magistrate of Zhijin County)

Yang Hanhua ( The Head of QianXi County)

He Zhengfang(The Director of Zhijindong Cave Global Geopark)

An Taimin (The Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhijindong Cave Gloabl Geopark)

Wu Pan (The Professor of Guizhou University)

Zheng Yuan (The Office Director of Chinese Geopark Network)



  Scientific Committee

Prof.Zhang Jianping(GGN ExB,China)

Dr.Patrick McKeecer(UNESCO,Paris)

Prof.Nikolaos Zouros(GGN President Greece)

Dr.Guy Martini(Chair UNESCO Global Geopark Council France)

Prof.Ibrahim Komoo(APGN Coordinator Malaysia)

Prof.Long Changxing(APGN Coordinator,China)

Prof.Jin Xiaochi(UGG Council,China)

Dr.Mahito Watanabe(UGG Council, APGN AC,Japan)

Prof.Mohol  Leman(APGN AC,Malaysia)

Dr.Tran Tan Van(APGN AC,Vietnam)

Dr.Hanang Samodra(APGN AC,Indonesia)

Dr.Soojae Lee(APGN AC,Korea)

Prof.Setsuya Nakada(APGN CC,Japan)

Prof.Wu Pan(The professor of Guizhou University ,China)

Dr.Ka Ming Yeung(Head , Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark of China)