Post-conference Excursion

Field Trip (Post-conference Excursion)

Four routes for you after the Symposium (Sept. 23rd – 25th, 2017). 
Please be sure to read the descriptions below and pick the trip that is suitable for your level of fitness and agility.

Post-Conference Excursion(23rd Sept.-25th Sept.)

Starting    8:30 a.m., Sept. 23rd  Sat.,Zhijin

Ending   4:30 p.m., Sept. 25th Mon. , Guiyang Longdongbao Airport / Guiyangbei

Railway Station.


Course A:Chishui Danxia National Geopark  (The typical representative of preliminary stage of Danxia in China)

Co-organizers: Administration of Chishui Danxia National Geopark
                         Zunyi Tourism Development Co., Ltd
                         Zunyi Travel Service Co., Ltd

Chishui Danxia of the World Natural Heritage Site, National Geopark and National Park of China, is hailed as “the most perfect representative of preliminary stage development of  Danxia in China” and “the first of Danxia”.

  1. Fieldtriptime: Sep. 23rd– 25th, 2017
  2. FieldtripCore Sites:

1) Theme Scenic Area of Danxia Landform: Fuguangyan Cliff

2) Revolutionary and ancient Town: Bing’an Town

3) The first waterfall of Danxia in China: Chishui Waterfall

4) The beauty of beauties, the garden of gardens: Sidonggou Waterfall Group

5) Moutai liqueur culture city: Experience the Chinese liqueur culture

6) The tipping point leading to victory of the CPC: The Site of Zunyi Conference

  1. Arrangement of Fieldtripschedule:

Sep. 23rd (Saturday)

7:30        Visitors leaving for Fuguangyan Cliff in Chishui from Zhijindong Cave (including tour guide)

13:30-14:30   Lunch (nearby scenic area)

14:30-16:30   Fieldtrip of Fuguangyan Cliff Scenic area

16:30-17:00   Leaving for Bing’an Town

17:00-18:30   Visiting the revolutionary and ancient town: Bing’an Town

19:00   Check in quasi-four-star hotel

19:30   Dinner

Sep. 24th (Sunday)

8:00   Visitors leaving for Chishui Waterfall from hotel

9:30-12:00   Visiting Chishui Waterfall

12:00-13:30   Lunch (at RV Campsite in Zhangjiawan)

13:30-14:30   Leaving for Sidonggou Scenic Area

14:30-17:00   Visiting Sidonggou Waterfall Group

17:30-19:30   Dinner

Sep 25th (Monday)

6:30   Visitors leaving for Moutai Town from hotel

9:00-10:30   Visiting Moutai liqueur culture city

10:40-12:00   Leaving for Zunyi

12:00-12:30   Lunch

13:00-14:00   Visiting the Site of Zunyi Conference

14:10-16:30   Visitors leaving for Guiyang and ending a pleasant trip

  1. Standard cost:

We are all looking forward to your visit in wonderful Chishui. In order to support tourism development and park construction in Guizhou, this Fieldtrip activity is carefully planned and detailed arranged by Administration of Chishui Danxia National Geopark . There is a significant discount on relative costs, as follows:

1) The cost of invited guests attending to the conference is RMB 700 per person.

  1. The cost of other guests, who want to take part in this activity, isRMB 1100per person, which is 20% discount of the original price of RMB 1388 per person.


Attachment: Detail Schedule

Pass through Jurassic, Drink on Chishui river

A three-day tour in the world heritage site and the reddest Park in China


Day one: Zhijin – Foguangyan Cliff Scenic area – Bing’an Town – Chishui

Visitors assemble at the appointed place in Zhijin and leave for the wonderful Chishui by car at 7:30, which is hailed as “the city of thousand falls”, “the first of Danxia”, “the hometown of the bamboo”, “the Alsophila Kingdom” and “Long March site”.

The first stop is Fuguangyan Cliff Scenic Area of the main scenic spot of world natural heritage and the first of Danxia in the world( about 2.5h tour time). This scenic area is the largest area, the most exposing, the most perfect and typical preliminary stage development of Danxia landform in China, with deep and steep valleys, vertical and horizontal rivers, and purple and brick red thick lumpy feldspar quartz sandstone of Jiading Group (K2jd), Cretaceous, all of which are red lacustrine sedimentary rocks. Under the combined physical and biochemical actions of vertical X joint, differential weathering, gravity collapse and rain erosion, countless and strange landscapes of Danxia landform are formed, such as Danxia cliffs, strange peaks and stones, cliff galleries and grottos, which are perfect interpretation of “red color like light morning clouds” in the sunshine. Fuguangyan Cliff is a typical representative of the giant Danxia cliffs, with horseshoe-shaped horizontal distribution, the relative height is near 400m, the linear width is about 660m and the arc length is more than 1000m. Then, all visitors leave for Bing’an Town(about 1.5h tour time).Along the suspension bridge,experience the atmosphere of Bing’an Town . You may trace back to that impassioned years by visiting the Group 1 troop station of the Red Army. Bing’an Town, 12km far away from the downtown of Chishui, is a typical ancient town at the junction of southern Sichuan and northern Guizhou, which has basically maintained the original shape of castle beside the Chishui Valley since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Bing’an is surrounded by Chishui river on three sides. The castle is more than 10m height from the hirst. There is hitherto only waterway to the foot of the castle. Two well-preserved stone gates are besides on the East and West entrances, where there is a vigorous and old Ficus Virens respectively. Many pillar-supported dwellings with a long history are built, along the stone steps of cliff to the beach side, which are set off by green trees and banana trees. There is only a narrow slate-paved street in town, with the length of about 400m, which is an important commodity and trading road for villages nearby so far. Check in hotel after dinner.

Including lunch and dinner              accommodation: quasi-four-star hotel


Day two: Chishui – Waterfall – Sidonggou – Chishui

After breakfast, we will leave for national AAAA-class scenic area, namely Chishui Waterfall Scenic Area, to visit the Chinese first waterfall with the width of 81m and the height of 76m in Danxia landform and Yangzi River. This scenic area is the core composition of Chishui Danxia World Natural Heritage Site and National Park of China. Affected by the Himalayan orogenic movement and the decline of river erosion basis, the original plateau of continuous distribution is constantly disintegrating under the strong action of cutting down by river, which forms abundant single-stage waterfalls of different heights and shapes and the most spectacular multi-stage waterfalls groups in Chishui. There into, Chishui Waterfall is hailed as a typical representative of single-stage waterfall. The sound of waterfall, pouring down from the top of the cliff, likes the sound of horses galloping and thunder. Water and mist is irradiated like rainbow in the sunshine, which appears a wonderful scene of Buddha ring movement with people walking in a view of the particular stone. Lunch time is 12 o’clock. Then, we will visit Sidonggou Scenic Area, which is the main park of Chishui Danxia National Geopark and an important part of Chishui National Key Park of China. It is located at Datong river, formerly known as Minxi river. The bottom of U- type canyon forms the natural riverway with four-stage waterfalls. The locals call the waterfall as “dong”, so it is commonly known as Sidonggou. There are four waterfalls along the riverway of less than 5km, named as Shuilian Cave Fall, Moon Lake Fall, Flying Frog Fall, and White Dragon Pool respectively, with the width of about 40m and the falls drop near 50m. Stream and waterfall tilt down along the way, like strewing flowers from the sky and pearls and jades on the plate, which forms a unique scenery of waterfalls group. Waterfalls are different in shape, such as the new moon streamer, the snake played tricks on the toad, or the colorful falling clouds. There are emerald bamboos at the bottom of the valley, luxuriant trees on the mountain, and grotesque Danxia stones at the waterside in the scenic area. Also, national level to protect rare plants of spinulose tree fern are everywhere. Check in hotel after dinner.

Including breakfast, lunch and dinner              accommodation: quasi-four-star hotel


Day three: Chishui  Moutai – Zunyi – Guiyang

After breakfast, we will leave for Moutai liqueur culture city in Renhuai at 6:30. It covers an area of more than 3000 square meters. There are 7 exhibition halls of Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties and modern time, with more than 5000 collections of plaques, painting and calligraphy, and cultural relics, which systematically introduce the development history of Chinese liqueur industry and the stories about liqueur of politics, economics, culture and folkways. It enriches brilliance and quintessence of the five thousand years of Chinese liqueur, and reflects the development process of Moutai. This exhibition won the Guinness record of Shanghai in 1999. After lunch, we will visit the Site of Zunyi Conference with about 2h tour time. The site is located at the old district of No. 96 Ziyi Road, Zunyi. This two-storey building has a brick-wood structure, as the station of the Red Army headquarters after arriving here in early January 1935. The famous Zunyi Conference (namely, enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee) was held in the small drawing room of the main building of the original owner’s in Jan. 15th – 17th. This meeting established the new central collective leadership represented by Mao Zedong. Zunyi Conference is a turning point. Then, we will leave for Guiyang and end a happy trip!

Including breakfast and lunch                     accommodation: none


Other issues:

  1. Reception standards: the itinerary cost as follows:

1) Accommodation: quasi-four-star hotel, two beds one room (extra expenses for adding a bed or a person in one room), with air condition, TV, and individual bathroom. Please have a reasonable expectation to the hotel.

2) Vehicle: air-conditioned coach, one seat per person, except for independent travelling.

3) Meals: two free breakfasts & five dinners (RMB 25 each dinner per person).Dinner:Ten person share a table,ten dishes and one soup for one table.

4) Insurance: tourism accident insurance costs RMB 10 per person.

5) Kids: the cost including seats in coach, meals, tickets, except for electric vehicle.

6) The tickets and traffic details in Chishui Scenic Area are as follows:

① The coupon ticket of Waterfall, Foguangyan Cliff and Sidonggou costs RMB 180 per person.

② The ticket of Bing’an town costs RMB 10 per person.

③ The ticket of sightseeing bus costs RMB 20 per person and elevator costs RMB 40 per person in Chishui Waterfall.

The ticket of sightseeing bus costs RMB 25 per person in Fuguangyan Cliff and RMB 30 per person in Sidonggou.

7) The ticket of the Moutai wine culture city costs RMB 60 per person and the explanation costs 120 RMB per group.

8) The cost of transfer coach and headset in the Site of Zunyi Conference is RMB 30 per person, and the explanation costs RMB 150 per group.

  1. Special Notices:

1) Under the real-name ticketing system, visitors will have to provide the information of name and ID number or passport number at the time of registration. The replace or cancel of free ticket and the off-price ticket don’t refund any fees.

2) In case of force majeure stranding tourists, the increased cost of accommodation and dinner will be borne by the tourists, and the increased return cost will be shared by both sides.

3) In case of vehicle out-of-order, we are responsible for urging the driver to repair or change the car during the trip.

4) Due to some special situations of the limited tourist receipts and the uncertain water disemboguement time in Chishui Waterfall Scenic Area, in the case of reducing no spots, sightseeing order will be adjusted by the agreement and signature of tourists of the whole group.

Contacts: Chen Lin; Cellphones: +86 15329829929, +86 13984539929


Course B :Qiandongnan Miaoling National Geopark

Co organizer: Management office of Guizhou Qiandongnan                                           Miaoling National Geopark

                       Qiandongnan China International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Ⅰ.Fieldtrip time: 23-25 September 2017

Ⅱ.Fieldtrip core location:

  1. National Museum of Qiandongnan
  2. Xijiang Miao Village

3.  Jianhe hot spring

  1. Ancient city of Zhenyuan

5.  Qinglongdong ancient buildings

6.  Wuyang River National Scenic Area

7.  Yuntai Mountain of Shibing County,Guizhou Province


September 23rd (Saturday)

8:30- Visitors leave to Qiandongnan – Kaili (with tour guides, etc.)

12:30-13:30 Lunch (at Kaili Lianghuan Zhai taste the most distinctive dish-fish in Sour Soup)

13:30-14:30 Visit the National Museum of Qiandongnan

14:30-15:00 Leave to the Xijiang Miao Village

15:00-17:30 Visit the Xijiang Miao Village ,enjoy the unique sight of pillar-supported dwellings.


17:30-19:00 Dinner: enjoy the Xijiang Long-table Feast (experience the Mountain Stream on dinner table)

19:20-20:30 Watch the Xijiang folk song and dance

20:30-  Check in the hotel


September 24th (Sunday)

8:30- Visitors proceed from the hotel to Jianhe Hot Springs

10:00-11:30 Experience the Jianhe hot spring, which has the reputation as “Miao’s holy water” ,”Westen Spring Town” .

11:30-12:30 Lunch (Jianhe hot spring town buffet)

12:30-13:30 Leave to Zhenyuan , the ancient city

13:30-16:30 Visit the millennium Taiji ancient town, the eastern Venice – Zhenyuan

16:30-17:30 Visit the ancient building of Qinglongdong

17:30-19:30 Dinner

19:30-  Check in the hotel


September 25th (Monday)

7:30-  Visitors set out for the Wuyang River- National Scenic Area of Zhenyuan.

8:30-10:30 Visit the Wuyang River National Scenic Area

10:30-11:30 Leave to Yuntai Mountain

11:30-13:00 Visit the World Natural Heritage Scenic Area – Yuntai Mountain

13:00-14:00 Lunch (Near Yuntai Mountain scenic spot)

14:30-18:00 Heading back to Guiyang, the end of a pleasant trip !

Ⅳ The field trip charging standard:

Warm and beautiful Chishui look forward to your visit. To support the development of tourism in Guizhou and the development of the geopark in Guizhou, the field trip will under carefully planning by Administration of Qiandongnan Miaoling National Geopark. All cost detail are as follows:

The specific costs are as follows, while the registration number reach to 5 people, charging 3250 RMB / person; while the registration number reach to 10 people, charging 2390 RMB / person;while the registration number reach to 15 people, charging 2080 RMB / person; while the registration number reach to 20 people, charging 1880 RMB / person; while the registration number reach to 25 people, charges 1880 RMB / person; while the registration number reach to 30 people, charging 1780 RMB / person; while the registration number reach to 35, charge 1700 RMB / person.

Note: if the number of applicants is less than 5, this field trip will not start.


Management office of Guizhou Qiandongnan Miaoling National Geopark: Zeng Xianguan 86+18385801701

Qiandongnan Chinese international travel agency: Sun Shiyi  86+15985567766



Attachment: Detail Schedule

True Mountain Stream – original flavor of Qiandongnan

Xijiang -historical town, three days tour at world heritage site,


The first day, Zhijin to Kaili Xijiang River

Tourists in Zhijin after breakfast gather at the designated place and leave to Qiandongnan – Kaili at 8:30(about 4 hours), which is determined by the United Nations World local cultural foundation ,where the global top 10 tourist destinations “return to innocence, return to nature” and the global top 10 minority culture tourism scenic spot.

Launch: Local food in Kaili, taste the most distinctive dish-fish in Sour Soup.

Leav to the National Museum of Qiandongnan. After vsiting the museum then leave to Xijiang (about 0.5 hour), the distinctive “Miao du” -Xijiang Miao villag (120 RMB / person including  tour car, 2 hours tour time) ,experience the unique sight of pillar-supported dwellings.Under the sunlight, surrounding by the beautiful green scenery, the sight of Xijiang is unique and magnificent. The Long-table Feast ,experience the Mountain Stream on dinner table. After meals ,heading to the viewing platform to watch the night view of the Xijiang River(by tour car), Watch the Xijiang folk song and dance performances (150 RMB / person VIP seat, after the performances then check in the hotel).


Including: launch, dinner                             accommodation: quasi four-star hotel


Second days West River – Jianhe hot springs – ancient city of Zhenyuan – Qinglongdong

After breakfast, leave to Jianhe at 8:00 (about 1.5hours). Jianhe hot spring is the rare hot spring with radon and sulfur in China. According to the Guizhou provincial Environmental Protection Science Research Institute’s detection, the daily water inflow is 1800 tons, which is rich in radon, sulfur, iron, potassium and calcium. The water is pure and clear, never dry up in the whole year.  This hot spring is called as the “Miao’s holy water” ,”Westen Spring Town”.Lauch at Jianhe hot spring buffet.

Leave to China’s ten most beautiful ancient city — the ancient city of Zhenyuan (about 1hour), also known as the Millennium Taiji ancient town and the eastern Venice. This ancient city with 2000 years of history has picturesque scenery, famous celebrities. ” Visit Qinglongdong ancient buildings (60 RMB / person, tour time is about 1hour), the entire buildings melt together with the rock cliffs, caves, ancient trees and wisteria, such an excelling nature. There are Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism cultural relics on this mountain, complex but not chaotic, gathering the  carving art and natural scenery perfectly. The ancient city of truth, goodness and beauty — Zhenyuan.


Include: breakfast, lauch, dinner                      accommodation: quasi four-star hotel


The third day, Zhenyuan – Wuyang River – Yuntai Mountain – Guiyang

After breakfast,leave to Wuyang River National Scenic Area (140 RMB / person including boat ticket , drive about 1hour, visit 2hours) with sights of steep gorges, calm lake and torrential waterfalls.Such a gorgeous and wonderful area.In the whole area ,each bay could be a unique painting, each step shows a different sight. After the tour, leave to the world natural heritage scenic area – Yuntai Mountain (50 RMB/ person, drive about 1hour) which named as “isolated peak, standing high upon the clouds”. It has the original natural ecology, astronomical phenomena, Taoist temple, cultural landscapes. Mountains surrounding by the mist, fragrance emanated from the flowers, birds singing and jumping on the branches; The pine tree standing on the mountain while the wind is blowing ,blue sky and white clouds, all constitute a scenery picture.

Include: breakfast, lauch                                       accommodation: None


Course C:Sinan Wujiang river Karst National Geopark (Ideal site for Precambrian geology research)

OrganizersBureau of Land and Resources of Tongren.

Co-organizers: Administration of Sinan Wujiang river   Karst National Geopark.  

                         China Youth Travel Service of Tongren Co., Ltd.

Located in the southwestern margin of the Jiangnan archicontinent on China geotectonic , the Fanjing Mountain is the oldest region which was lifted from the ocean to land in the south of the Yellow River. Fanjing Mountain is not only an ideal place for preambrian geology research, but also one of the key areas of geoscience research at home and abroad. The follows are representative geological sites: Pillow Basalt of Huixiangping group , Tongchang group strong deformation of steep dip strata, Fanjingshan group and Banxi group angle unconformity Jinding, Banxi group silk cloud rock and silty slate combination of thousands of books.


  1. Investigation time: Sep. 23rd– 25th, 2017
  2. Investigation Core Sites:

1)Tujia minority first village “Yun She”

2)Fanjing Mountain

  1. Arrangement of investigation schedule:

Sep. 23rd (Saturday)

9:00 Meet at Zhijin Hotel, then take Limousine Bus to Fanjing Mountain.

11:00  Rest for 15min at Zunyi Expressway service area.

13:00 Rest for 15min at Sinan Expressway service area (Have lunch).

15:00  Arrive at Tongren Hotel (Tongren state guest house)――visiting Tongren National Customs Park.

17:30  Have dinner together at the Tongren Hotel.

Sep. 24th (Sunday)

8:30  Leave hotel for Jiangkou county together by bus .

9:30  Visit Tujia first village “Yun She” in Jiangkou county,visit the Shenlong Lake.

11:30  Have lunch at “Yun She”, then go to Fanjing Mountain by bus.

12:50  Check in at the east gate of Fanjing Moumtains.

13:00 Invesigate the Pillow basailts of Huixiangping group by sightseeing bus.

13: 50  Investigate the steep dip rock formation in Tongchang Group.

14:30  Take ropeway up to the Fanjing Mountain at the eastern route.

14:50  Walk to Wanbao Rock after arriving at altitude of 2100m.

15:10  Visit the stones of Wanbao Rock.

15:40  Arrive at Tongren Pudu Plaza, then visit the Golden Summit.

16:20  Leave for mushroom rock .

16:40  Arrive at the designated place and go back .

17:20  Take the same ropeway down the Mountain.  

18:00  Gather at the foot of the mountain to have dinner.

19:00  Return to Tongren hotel by bus.

20:30  Arrive at hotel and check in.

Sep 25th (Monday)

8:00  Have breakfast.

8:30  Leave for Guiyang together by bus.

12:00  Arrive in Guiyang.

  1. Standard cost:

The cost is 1316 RMB per person,Include:

Meals:280 RMB/person (70/person/dinner)

Vehicle:358 RMB/person(Air-conditioned tour bus)

Tickets:290 RMB/ person

Lodges:359 RMB/ room.

Tour Guide(Chinese and English):20 RMB/person/day.

Insurance:10 RMB/person


PS:Detal of inspected site for Sep. 24th (Sunday)

 —Fanjing mount and Yunshe village


1)Go to “Yunshe”,the first village of Tujia minority by bus aftrer breakfast.

First, visit the Shenlong Pool,Exploring geological wonders.It also called Yushe Quan, Long Tang, Xiniu Tang. It is a depression spring which has a low opening deep to the bottom of the pool. The spring flow past the village into the Taiping River, also called Longtan River, a total length of 0.8 km, which is known as the world’s shortest river.


2)Visit the national nature reserves and the fifth famous Buddhist mountain, Maitreya rite exploitation—- Mount Fanjing after lunch.

The main purpose: investigate geological heritage sites of huixiangping group Pillow look basalt ,copper plant Steeply inclined rock strata of Tongchang group,Wanbao rock and Golden Summit that reveal the history of the earth’s evolution in the period of Precambrian BP 8.1 to 8.7million years.

Take the ropeway which is the most advanced cable car in the world to enjoy a air trip in the primary forest with a length of 3499 meters.Board the inscriptions on precipices, climb the iron chain to Lingguan deck, cross the stone and Cihang bridge, worship Avalokitesvara rock cave, feel the sacrifice precipice, across the gold knife gorge and board the Golden Summit. Then go to the sakyamuni palace to worship present Buddha, Cross the fairy bridge to Maitreya palace to worship future Buddha. Arrive in the summit of Jinding mountain about 2336 meters in altitude, and enjoy yourself for taking in everything in a glance.

Go down from Golden Summit to mushroom stone scenic spot, viewing the symbol scenery spot including mushroom stone, Jiuhuang cave, Yingzui stone, thousands of books, gold salver jade bowl,thin strip of sky and ancient Chengen temple monument. Let us look back on its former glory.



3)Take the ropeway down the mountain. The scenic tour time is about 5-6 hours.


Other issues:

  1. Reception standards
  2. the itinerary cost as follows:

1) Accommodation: quasi-four-star hotel, single room, with air condition, TV, and individual bathroom.

2) Vehicle: air-conditioned coach, one seat per person, except for independent travelling.

3) Dinners: two free breakfasts & five dinners (70 RMB each dinner per person).Dinner:Ten person share a table,ten dishes and one soup for one table.

4) Insurance: tourism accident insurance costs 10 RMB per person.

  1. Special Notices

1)In case of force majeure factors stranding tourists, the increased cost of accommodation and dinner will be borne by the tourists, and the increased return cost will be shared by both sides.

2) In case of vehicle out-of-order, we are responsible for urging the driver to repair or change the car during the trip.

  1. Contacts

The enthusiastic people in Tongren welcomes the experts and leaders from all corners of the world.

Contacts: Chen degao Cellphones: +86 18848517836.

Dai mingxing; Cellphones: +86 18722914099.


Course D:Suiyang Shuanghedong National Geopark(3days journey of Mystery Shier Beihou)

Co-organizers: Administration of Suiyang Shuanghedong Cave National Geopark  

                         Zunyi TianshimaoTravel Service Co., Ltd

At 30 degrees north latitude of the earth, there is such a place, covering an area of 600 square kilometers, with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.

Here is a subtropical humid climate, the altitude is between 700 meters to 1400 meters above sea level, the annual average temperature is between 11.5℃ to 17.5 ℃, the forest coverage rate is more than 80%, negative oxygen ion content as high as 400000 / cc.

Suiyang shuanghedong Cave is over seven hundred million years old, which is the China’s longest karst cave as well as The global top ten cave. It has the continuous canyon , deep cenote, mysterious geofracture, hot springs, which shows a classic karst landform. The high-density tourism resources include the cave, forest, mountain and river make Suiyang Shier Beihou unique.

  • Investigation time: Sep. 23rd– 25th, 2017
  • Investigation Core Sites:

1 )five-star hotel – Shuanghedong inn.

2 )Qingxi gorge scenic area -a place that is hurt by beauty.

3 )Qingxi river ,drifting – bungee on the wave

4 )Shuanghe valley scenic area – It has abundant underground karst landform including underground river valley, cenote, gypsum cave.

  • Arrangement of investigation schedule:

Sep. 23rd (Saturday)

13:00-Set out for Shier Beihou

18:00-Check in the Shuanghedong inn

18:30-Buffet dinner,enjoy the night scene in Shuanghedong inn


Sep. 24th (Sunday)

7:00-7:40Breakfast at the hotel restaurant

8:40-9:00 Leave to qingxi xia scenic area

10:00-12:00 Guided tour in Qingxi gorge scenic area (By boat, tour time about 2 hours)

12:00- Lunch at the qingxi gorge scenic area.

13:00- Leave to Qingxi river ,drifting – bungee on the wave(drift time about 3 hours, Please bring   swimsuits or you can buy from the scenic store)

17:00-Return to Shuanghedong inn

18:30-Buffet dinner

19:30-Rest in Shuanghedong inn


 Sep 25th (Monday)

7:00-7:40  breakfast

8:30-Leave to Shuanghe valley scenic area(tour time 2.5 hours – 3 hours)

12:00- Lunch at Shuanghedong inn

13:30- Leave to the airport(On the way to airport, we could visit the first bridge of Qianbei-

Gongguan bridge.)

  • Standard cost:

Special Note: In case of force majeure factors, We have the right to adjust the itinerary.

Total costs:  RMB 1160 per person

Ticket: Including: qingxi gorge tour boat, drifting, Shuanghedong valley. Each scenic area costs RMB 80 per person , the total costs is RMB 240 per person

Catering: 4 regular meals, RMB 30 each meal per person, the total costs is RMB 120 per person

Vehicle: RMB 200 per person

Accommodation: RMB 300 each room per person, the total costs is RMB 600 per person

Course E: Xingyi National Geopark(See into Xinyi, See into Triassic)

Co-organizer: Management Office of the Xingyi National                                                    Geopark,Guizhou

                        Xingyi Hualong travel agency Co., Ltd

Xingyi National Geopark is the national-level main producing area of the key protecting paleontology fossils and it is also considered the most beautiful Geopark in China.

1.Fieldtrip time

Sept. 23rd-25th,2017

2.Main Landscapes

(1)Huangguoshu——The largest waterfall in Asia

(2) Wanfenglin——Typical coniform karst landforms formed by Triassic rocks

(3) Keichousaurus museum——Fossil of Triassic Marine reptile

(4) Malinghe Gorge ——One of the most beautiful Gorge on earth


Sept. 23rd  Saturday

08:00—11:30   Zhijin to Huangguoshu scenic spot

11: 30 —12:30   Lunch

12:30—15:30  Visit the Huangguoshu (Erosion knickpoint type Waterfalls in the karst landform)

15:30 —18:30   Huangguoshu to Xingyi

18:30—19:00   Check in Fenghuang Hotel

19:00          Supper

Sept. 24th  Sunday

7:30—8:30     Breakfast(Fenghuang Hotel)

9:00—9:30     Hotel to Wanfenglin scenic spot

9:30—11:30    Visit Wanfenglin scenic spot

11:30—12:30   Lunch

12:30—13:30   Wanfenglin to Malinghe Gorge

13:30—16:30  Visit Malinghe Gorge(the deep cutting fissure created by the orogenic movement)

16:30—17:30    Free time

17:30—19:30   Supper and Watch ethnic cultural performances

Sept. 25th  Monday

7:30—8:30     Breakfast(Fenghuang Hotel)

9:00—10:00    Hotel to Xinyi National Geopark Museum

10:00—11:00   Visit Xinyi National Geopark Museum

11:00—12:00   Lunch

12:00—16:00   Back to Guiyang and Trip over

  1. Fee

Fee: 1630 RMB/Person (including scenic spot tickets, tour guide fees, and two nights accommodation and dining). If there are more than 35 persons, the price would discount.


Detailed Itinerary


Learn the local cultures, Feel the Triassic fossils

Travel in the sceneries, visit Xingyi and walk with Keichousaurs


D1: Zhijin—Huangguoshu—Xingyi

Gather in Zhijin County and take the coach to Huangguoshu Waterfall together (approximately 3 hours ). After lunch, visit the spectacular Huangguoshu waterfall, which is the largest in Asia and famous for the vast amount of water. The Huangguoshu waterfall was formed by erosion crack in the karst landform. After the trip, take the coach to Xingyi City together (approximately 3 hours). After dinner, stay over in a local hotel.


D2: Xingyi—Wanfenglin—Malinghe Gorge—Shengshimiaojia Restaurant

After breakfast, visit Wanfenglin (around 2 hours), the national geopark and 4A level scenic spot. Wanfenglin is composed of many small mountains, along with the green fields, meandering rivers, and old villages inside. It has the best ecological environment, which is rare in the world. Owning to its magnificent scale, unique dense mountains, and spectacular natural feature, Wanfenglin has been considered one of the natural wonders by many specialists and tourists. After lunch, visit the main scenic spot in the Malinghe Gorge—Tianxinghualang (around 3 hours), which is characterized by its abundant tall waterfalls and unique mountain landscape. For the dinner, taste the famous local dish-fish in sour soup and watch the traditional dancing and singing performance in Shengshimiaojia restaurant, which is characterized by Miao and Buyi minority cultures.


D3: Xingyi—Xingyi National Geopark Museum—Guiyang

After breakfast, visit Wusha Keichousaurus Museum, which is a landmark of the Xingyi National Geopark. The museum exhibition contains abundant fossils from the Middle Triassic Keichousaurus Fauna. Visit the “Disppeared Ocean” Gallery, “Reptiles Walking towards the Ocean” Gallery, “Marine Reptiles of South China” Gallery, “Diversity of the Keichousaurus fauna” Gallery, “Local Cultures” Gallery, and Fossil Preparation Lab to go back to the Triassic world and walk with the marine reptiles. After lunch, take the coach to Guiyang together (approximately 4 hours).




1, Huangguoshu Waterfall entrance ticket for: 230 RMB per person (transportation inside Huangguoshu Scenary included, but escalator not included).

2, Wanfenglin entrance ticket: 130 RMB per person (sightseeing electric vehicle fee included)

3, Malinghe entrance ticket: 120 RMB per person (sightseeing escalator fee included)

4, Hotels: 160 RMB per person (two nights in Fenghuang Hotel in Xingyi; price for one person in a double room)

5, Meals: 240RMB per person (for three days)

6, Transportation: 650 RMB per person (Air-conditioned shuttle)

7, Tour guide fee: 70 RMB per person

8, Others: Driver’s hotel fee and bottle water, 30 RMB per person


In total: 1630 RMB per person.



The climate of Xingyi: subtropics, moist climate. The annual temperature is 16.1℃. The average temperature is 4.5℃ in January and 26.8℃ in July. I it is neither very cold in the winter nor very hot in the summer, but warm and humid across the whole year. It is said that “in Guizhou there are never three sunny days in a row”. So please don’t forget to bring your umbrella (disposable raincoat would be another good option).



* You should pay the fee of Post-Conference Excursion when you check-in, and choose the route

that you would like to attend.

* In case the registration do not meet the required number for the tour , it may be cancelled.

* Wear comfortable shoes and clothes for walking to some visiting spots.

* In preparation for rainy days,it is recommended to bring a raincoat.

* Tours may be cancelled or partly changed in the event of inclement weather.