Mid-Conference Excursion


Mid-Conference Excursion(Sept.21st ,2017)

There are two routes of Zhijindong Cave Global Geopark.

Fee: Free (included in the registration fee.)

Course A Zhijindong Cave- Zhijindong Cave Museum- Zhijin Grand Gorge (The Qijiehe

                  River Park of Zhijindong Cave).

Course B Dongfenghu Lake of Zhijindong Cave – Zhijindong Museum – Zhijindong Cave.


* In the tour registration, please choose the route that you would like to attend.

* Your choice may not meet your wish depending on the registration status of each group

   to be allocated by the organization committee.

* In case the registration do not meet the required number for the tour , it may be cancelled.

* Wear comfortable shoes and clothes for walking to some visiting spots.

* In preparation for rainy days, it is recommended to bring a raincoat.

* Tours may be cancelled or partly changed in the event of inclement weather.