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Early registration deadline: April 30th(Sunday)
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The 5th Asia Pacific Geoparks Network(APGN) symposium will be held from September 19th -22nd 2017 in Zhijindong Cave Global Geopark, China. And will provide participates from Asia-Pacific UNESCO Global Geoparks as well as National Geoparks from China and Asian-Pacific countries with the opportunity to actively share ideas while deepening understanding among APGN


Sept. 16th -17th ,2017,  Meeting of the UNSECO Global Geoparks Council
Sept. 18th ,2017 Registration
Meeting of APGN Advisory Committee
Meeting of APGN Coordination Committee


Zhijindong Cave Geopark is situated in the west of Guizhou Plateau in southwest of China, and is located at the river bank zone of Liuchonghe River ,the upstream of main steam of Wujiang River, which is one of the tributaries of Yangtze River . With an area of 170 km.The Geopark has abundant geoheritages which can be generally classified into 11 categories: karst cave, karst gorge, karst natural bridge, karst tiankeng, karst high fengcong, karst hill, karst cuesta and pictographic mountain, karst hydrology, palaeontological fossil, stratal rock and tectonic geoheritage, etc. All geoheritages have been developed in the Lower Triassic Series marine carbonatite and distributed intensively in such three karst geomorphic units as Zhijindong Cave, Qijiehe River and Dongfenghu Lake as well, which are relatively independent and integrated on one hand and closely linked to each other on the other