Visa Service

About Visas

Some of the participants of the 5th Asia Pacific Geoparks Network Zhijindong Cave Symposium may need a visa to go through formalities for the trip to China. If you need a visa, please refer to the website of Overseas Chinese Embassies.

   Procedures for applying for a visa
  1. If you need related documents issued by the organizer in order to apply for a visa,complete the procedure for registration fees first.
  2. Send necessary information related to the Organization Committee in English or Chinese.
  3. The Organization Committee will confirm the details of the information and send you the necessary documents.


The applicant her/himself must go through the procedure for  obtaining a visa at the place that the embassy appoints.

We may not send the invitation according your detailed information.

The application for Visa needs time, please know about your abroad date.

Please read the related guide to ensure you can provide the different personal document.



. If you require a letter of introduction or documents to support your visa application, please register online first (

 . Please go to the CHINESE EMBASSY/ CONSULATE GENERAL to get the visa (F VISA) process. For further details, please visit the website of the relevant Chinese Embassy or Consulate General. You need to provide different documents according to the purpose of your visit to China.

 . Please send the following information to the Conference Secretariat via the

. Information On The Candidates.(full name, date of birth, gender, nationality, company, position, scanned passport, photocopy of previous Chinese visa, etc.)

. Schedule In China. (date of entry, date of exit, days of stay in China)

. Visa Place. (Please specify the country where you apply the visa. Eg.Consulate General of P.R.China in Lagos. Pay attention to the different visa applying between CHINESE EMBASSY and CONSULATE GENERAL. )

. We will send you the essential documents you need after confirming all the detailed information.(The Conference Secretariat will decide on whether or not to send you an invitation letter according to the information you provided)

Ⅴ.Always find information about visa requirements in good time before departure, since getting a visa can be a lengthy process.